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The Bird Bulletin - Vol. 4

Welcome to the latest edition of ‘The Bird Bulletin’ – our new weekly news brief with we’ll bring you bite-sized updates from across Europe & Central Asia.

The penguin that paddles in paradise

No huddles please for the Galapagos Penguin; this tropical birdcalls the warm waters of the equator its home. But life in paradise is anything but a walk in the sun...

Saving Africa's only native penguin species

Penguin: the word elicits images of snowy landscapes, icebergs and tightly huddled groups of penguins bracing the harshest of elements. One penguin species that bucks this cold climate trend is the hardy African Penguin Spheniscus demersus , found only on the south-western tip of Africa, in South...

Protect a penguin today

Beautiful. Inspiring. Under threat. Penguins are among the world’s most charming and recognisable birds, but from south pole to equator, a web of threats is seeing them slide ever-closer towards extinction. Next week we will be sharing penguin stories from around the world to celebrate the launch...

“Stop the Killing”: Lebanese President speaks out for migratory birds

Dozens of storks lie dead on the ground, neatly lined up. Behind them, the men smile at the camera, holding up by their long, silent beaks yet more dead birds. It’s been a good hunt, one worthy of sharing with friends on Twitter or Facebook. Welcome to Lebanon, where hundreds of such macabre photos...

The Bird Bulletin - Vol. 2

Welcome to the second edition of ‘The Bird Bulletin’. Every Friday, we’ll bring you bite-sized updates from all across Europe & Central Asia.

The Batman of Vietnam

We interview Vu Dinh Thong, a man who fell in love with bat conservation only five years ago and is now one of Vietnam's leading bat experts.

The miracle of the Iraqi marshlands

Meet Azzam Alwash, the man who left a life of luxuries behind in the US to return to his native Iraq to restore his country’s historically significant wetlands.

Lessons from Little Barrier Island

Our Cook Islands’ BirdLife Partner Te Ipukarea Society shares their lessons learned about seabird conservation during a recent visit to Little Barrier Island, NZ.