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The Bird Bulletin - Vol. 8

This week's edition of the 'The Bird Bulletin' is in celebratory mood as the EU officially declares May 21st NATURA 2000 DAY!

The guardians of Africa's largest lake

Locals are rallying together to protect Lake Victoria's valuable wetlands and its inhabitants from traffickers and other dangers.

Over 250,000 citizens are 'fed up' and demand a better food and farming system

Civil society sends a strong message to the European Commission: the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy is in dire need of a fundamental rethink. This is what 258,708 citizens and over 600 organisations and businesses told the Commission in the largest ever public consultation on agricultural policy...

This Korean recipe could save Piper

On an island renowned for its seafood and shorebirds, life depends on the mud's bounty. Can culinary and birdwatching tourism save Yubudo from industrial development?

Migration: A long-distance love story

For 15 years, a lovestruck stork has faithfully returned from South Africa to his disabled amore in Croatia - but the trip is dangerous and one year he may not return.

The Bird Bulletin - Vol. 5, The Penguin Edition

Welcome to a very special ‘Penguin’ edition of ‘The Bird Bulletin’ our new weekly news brief. Every Friday morning, we bring you bite-size bird news from across Europe & Central Asia - now you can start every weekend with 'what a little birdie told me'. HAPPY FEET – World Penguin Day! On...

The Bird Bulletin - Vol. 4

Welcome to the latest edition of ‘The Bird Bulletin’ – our new weekly news brief with we’ll bring you bite-sized updates from across Europe & Central Asia.