We are a non-profit charity that supports ornithological conservation projects in the OSME region. We rely on your donations.

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International Partnership Aids Wildlife Conservation in Iraq

Darwin Initiative Project Iraq

Richard Porter, a founder member of OSME, has been associated with conservation work in Iraq for more than a decade, especially with Nature Iraq. He was part of the BirdLife International  team that worked with a wide-range of partners on this excellent UK Government funded Darwin Initiative project. OSME has supported Nature Iraq's forthcoming Inventory of Key Biodiversity Areas, and is proud to be associated with this important NGO that often has to work in difficult and, at times, hostile environment.

Important OSME dates for your diary

The first month of 2015 has already passed and this year is turning out to be a busy one for OSME. The first deadline for applications for the Conservation and Research Fund has passed and there will be two more this year, on the 31st May and 30th September. We are hoping that 2015 will be a record breaking year regarding the amount of money that we provide for conservation and research projects throughout the OSME region. We're particularly excited to be supporting a project with the BirdLife Middle East office, which will be revealed very soon.

Hunting/illegal killing of birds in the OSME region and the Mediterranean

Biodiversity is under greater pressure than ever before. Of the 10,000 or so bird species across the globe, approximately 1 in 8 are threatened with global extinction. Hunting is one of the key threats to many bird species, and is believed to be a particular problem in the OSME region. Remarkably, there is little quantitative data on the number of birds that are killed each year. Even the species of birds that are targeted is poorly understood.

Review of Illegal Killing in the Mediterranean

OSME has been informed by BirdLife International that the preliminary results from the review of illegal killing in the Mediterranean are now available online for public consultation. As previously explained, Birdlife is inviting relevant Governments, international conventions, hunting organisations and others to review these results and provide any feedback, corrections or comments. 


OSME's new look!

OSME has a new look website, that we hope our members and visitors find informative and user-friendly. This redesign is part of a package of improvements and developments that we hope to put in place over the coming months. We have tried to make the website easier to navigate around, and to simplify many of the sections. We have tried to integrate our social media presence, such as Twitter and Facebook, into the website, so users can choose their preferred way of keeping updated on what is happening in our diverse region.

So please let us know what you think to the new design, we can easily make changes where we get feedback that helps us improve.

OSME & The Bird Fair 2014 - some reflections

Mike Jennings, author of the Atlas of The Breeding Birds of Arabia, visiting the OSME stand

Well, it seems like an age since Bird Fair 2014 and it was fantastic that OSME was again part of the 'birders Glastonbury'. The three days were as hectic as ever, with lots of opportunities to talk to members, friends and supporters.  Catching up with some of our 755 members, is an important part of the Bird Fair. It is always interesting to get feedback from those that support our small, but soon to be growing, Society.


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