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OSME Raffle 2013

Nature Iraq

This year’s raffle will be raising funds to support work by Nature Iraq on the globally endangered Basra Reed Warbler Acrocephalus griseldis, one of the most threatened passerines in the OSME region. The species is classed as endangered due to its small population size, estimated at 2,500 to 9,999 individuals, which is believed to be declining. The main breeding population is in Iraq, notably the Mesopotamian marshes of south-east

New Council members request

OSME relies on its volunteer Council members in order to operate efficiently and we are currently seeking new members to join Council. Council members serve for 5 years and Council meets formally three times a year but the majority of OSME business is carried out via email. Whilst a knowledge of the birds of the region is desirable, the most important attributes of Council members are having the time

Request for recordings of bird sounds

Bloomsbury are doing an eBook of Birds of the Middle East (Porter & Aspinall (2010) and it is planned to include bird sounds. Most of these have been obtained but there are still a few outstanding and if anyone can help they would be really grateful. As well as an acknowledgement there will be a small fee for any that are used, but details haven't yet been worked out.

OSME Summer Meeting 2012……

Effie Presentation

The 2012 Summer Meeting and AGM on Saturday 7 July were again held at the BTO headquarters in Thetford and attended by 43 members and guests. The day had the theme of migration and the first speaker, Paul Stancliffe from the BTO, set the scene by giving a comprehensive overview of the increasing use of technology to reveal the secrets of the migrations of several species. The BTO is focussing on a range of species, the majority

Raffle 2012 – results

The winners of this year’s raffle in support of research and conservation

of White-headed Duck Oxyura leucocephala in Kazakhstan were:

1st Opticron Imagic BGA SE 8x42 binoculars (value £439)- S Starling

2nd Naturetrek voucher for £250 - E Moran

3rd Birdguides - BWPi: Birds of the Western Palearctic interactive (value £140) - G Conway

2012 Annual Prize Draw

Proceeds will be used to support the Association for the Conservation of

Biodiversity of Kazakhstan White-headed Duck conservation project

1st Opticron Imagic BGA SE 8x42 binoculars (value £439)

2nd Naturetrek voucher for £250

3rd Birdguides - BWPi: Birds of the Western Palearctic interactive (value £140)


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