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OSME Summer Meeting & AGM 2011

Saturday 16th July 2011, BTO, Thetford, Norfolk, UK

The 2011 OSME Summer Meeting and AGM will be held on Saturday 16th July at the British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford, Norfolk, UK. Doors will open at 10.00 – join us for tea/coffee. Once again we have a varied programme with presentations spanning the OSME area – from Socotra to Kazakhstan via the Caucasus and Cyprus. All are welcome.

OSME Summer Meeting 2010

Azzam Alwash, Chief Executive of Nature Iraq and an OSME Vice-President.
The 2010 Summer Meeting and AGM, held at the BTO headquarters in Thetford on Saturday 10 July, was bathed in glorious sunshine and temperatures which created a genuine Middle Eastern atmosphere. The 42 members and guests that attended were treated to an outstanding programme of talks starting

Thanks to Keith Betton

While writing the above account of the 2010 Summer Meeting, I realised, with much embarrassment, that this is the first write-up since 2008. The main reason for my embarrassment though is that as a result, OSME has never formally expressed its thanks and appreciation to Keith Betton who was Chairman from 2002 to 2008. While each Chairman brings particular skills and experience to OSME, helping shape the role and direction of the Society, Keith made several outstanding contributions.

British Birdwatching Fair boosts OSME Conservation and Research Fund

Photograph of Nick (right) receiving the Bird Brain of Britain award from Chris Packham, British Birdwatching Fair, 21 August 2010 (photographer: John Warr – OSME).

Photograph of Nick (right) receiving the Bird Brain of Britain award from Chris Packham, British Birdwatching Fair, 21 August 2010 (photographer: John Warr – OSME).

One of the popular events at the annual British Birdwatching Fair is the Bird Brain of Britain Quiz that taxes the specialist and general ornithological knowledge of a representative of each of the four regional bird clubs.

The Birds of the Middle East

The second edition of Birds of the Middle East has just been published. Written by Richard Porter and Simon Aspinall, it will be reviewed more fully in OSME’s journal, Sandgrouse but is obviously absolutely essential for any visitor to the Middle East or for anybody interested in the region.

Ibis on the move

Following the successful, and ground-breaking, transfer of a small number of Northern Bald Ibis from the semi-wild population at Birecik, Turkey to the only known wild breeding colony in Syria, the birds are now on their way to wintering grounds in southern Arabia and Ethiopia. Currently, the wintering area of juvenile ibis is unknown so discovering this will make a major contribution to developing strategies for long term conservation of the ibis, the rarest bird in the Middle East. Follow the story at


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