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Environmental Stewardship via a Nascent Natural History Museum in Palestine

Guest blog by Mazin Qumsiyeh and Elias Handal

The Palestine Museum of Natural History (PMNH) started in Bethlehem University through volunteer effort with a mission of research, education and conservation for our environment. Our two dozen scientific publications in two years publications cover areas from biodiversity to genotoxicity to museology to education to permaculture. The research acts as a prelude to education and we helped create environmental clubs in schools that focus on reducing waste, recycling, composting, and appreciation of our environment (e.g. bird watching).

Tracking studies show OSME Region vital to migratory birds from East Asia

WU Lan

Guest blog by Terry Townshend

The Beijing Swift

The Common Swift (Apus apus pekinensis) is a much-loved bird in China and has been synonymous with the Chinese capital since 1417 when it began to breed in the city’s gatehouses.  For centuries these aerial masters would arrive each April and depart at the end of July but to where remained a mystery. 

Happy New Year from OSME

It has certainly been a busy and productive past 12 months for OSME. Over the last year we have seen the amount of money we have been able to provide projects through our Conservation Fund increase again, with another record breaking year. In 2016 we provided £14,000 to 7 projects, including our largest ever award to a single project of £5,000.


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