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Migration study shows importance of IBAs

Guest blog by Majd Abu Zaghlan

A new study has shown that Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in the Arabian Peninsula are vital for the successful migration of warblers that depend on wetlands. The study examined Great Reed Warbler migration routes using Geolocator tracking devices.

 https://americanornithologypubsblog.org/. . ./
Information was collected on the migratory patterns 

Batumi – Serengeti of the skies

Batumi in Georgia is rapidly becoming one of the best known places in the world to watch one of nature’s most spectacular phenomenon – migration. Specifically, raptor migration. Every autumn for the last 9 years a group of dedicated volunteers have been recording the incredible numbers of raptors migrating through the Batumi bottleneck. And the numbers can be staggering, more than a million birds of prey were counted in 2012, single day counts regularly exceed 50,000 individuals

Guest blog by Chris Bowden

Northern Bald Ibis: updates on the Eastern population

The conservation of Northern Bald Ibis has (for the first time in its history) been on a relatively positive trajectory in Morocco over the past twenty years, with almost a doubling of the wild population there to 116 breeding pairs, following a low of 59 pairs in 1997. There’s still no room for complacency

OSME at the British Birdwatching Fair

Over the weekend of the 19th - 21st August NGOs, charities, tour groups and about 20,000 people interested in birds descend on Rutland Water for the annual British Birdwatching Fair, aka The Birdfair. It is always an excellent event and OSME have been attending for many years. It is a great chance to meet members and those with an interest in birds of the Middle East, The Caucasus and Central Asia.

Oiseaux de Libye/Birds of Libya

Paul Isenmann, Jens Hering, Stefan Brehme, Mohamed Essghaier, Khaled Etayeb, Essam Bourass and Hicham Azafzaf. 2016. Oiseaux de Libye/Birds of Libya. SEO France. National Museum of Natural History, 55 rue Buffon, 75005 Paris, France.

Available in UK from NHBS: £46.99 = $62 = €55 (http://www.nhbs.com/title/209267/birds-of-libya-oiseaux-de-libye)

Available in Germany from Media-Natur: €39.90 + international postage (http://media-natur.com/Isenmann-Hering-et-al-Oiseaux-de-Libye-Birds-of-L...)


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