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Satellite tracking of Dalmatian Pelicans

Although the Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus) population has increased in some sites in Europe as a result of conservation actions, rapid population declines in the remainder of its range are suspected of continuing and therefore it is listed as Globally Vulnerable by BirdLife International and IUCN.

Tracking loggerhead turtles to their death in the Eastern Mediterranean

The Marine Turtle Conservation Project in North Cyprus is a collaboration between the Society for Protection of Turtles, The North Cyprus Environmental Protection Department and the University of Exeter’s Marine Turtle Research Group. Since 1992 the group have undertaken monitoring and protection of loggerhead and green turtle nesting sites across the North Cyprus coast and in recent years, green turtle nesting numbers have increased . . .

An Azerbaijan interlude with young naturalists

During 25-30 October 2015  the youth committee of BirdLife Sweden visited Azerbaijan to study bird migration at Besh Barmag but also to meet with local young naturalists and initiate further co-operation. The trip was a great success   – we counted a quarter of a million migrating birds of 150 species in just three field days, as well as visiting a  national park visit and having dinner with Nature Friends  Azerbaijan. 

Birding in Oman – guest blog by Bart de Schutter

In November/December 2012 a friend of mine visited Oman on a birding and photographing trip. Looked like a nice country for birding to me, but I was not really inspired. Not yet. My friend's first trip was that good that he decided to return in the same period in 2013. By then, I had informed myself a bit more about this Middle East country, about which we receive hardly any news here in West-Europe.


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