Advice for authors

Advice for Authors

The Editor will consider for publication papers and notes on the birds of the OSME region. ‘Russia’ on the OSME region map refers to the Russian Federation’s North Caucasus (to 45° N). Papers which additionally include birds in areas outside the OSME region or which are concerned with the birds of areas of which the OSME region, partially or completely, is an important part eg the Saharo-Sindian region or Siberian-African flyways, will also be considered. The Editor will give careful thought to the publication of mss concerning the birds of the following countries/areas close to the OSME region: eastern half of Libya, arid/semiarid Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, ‘Republic of Somaliland’, ‘Puntland State of Somalia’, Kashmir, Tibet, Sinkiang and western half of Mongolia. Stimulating reviews of a topic are welcome. Please consult the Editor ( if in doubt about the suitability of material.

All correspondence between authors and Editor, including initial submission of mss, will be by email. All mss must be in UK English and use Word. If possible consult papers in recent issues of Sandgrouse for style conventions but apply minimal text formatting eg no rules, small caps or text boxes, use good word-processing technique and single space. All figure, table and plate captions should be in the text file at the end of the ms. Tables (use the Word table facility retaining gridlines, if suitable, but not tabs) can be placed at the end of the Word document or be attached separately. All diagrams, maps, graphs (Figures) and photos (Plates) must be attached as individual files in a popular format. The Editor encourages the submission of maps and colour photos. All mss for publication are sent for review. Avian scientific nomenclature and species sequence should follow the Simplified OSME Region List unless argued convincingly otherwise.

In most cases, abbreviations do not require a full stop eg et al, ie, in prep, ms, pers obs. However retain in scientific names eg Ammomanes d. deserti. Any brackets around parts of scientific names are not italicised. English names of bird species require capitals eg White-crowned Black Wheatear. Otherwise, minimize capitalization eg Sahara desert, Zagros mountains, river Nile, Indian ocean—not Sahara Desert, Zagros Mountains, River Nile, Indian Ocean. Retain in foreign language versions eg Wadi al Batin, Jebel Akhdar. All references cited in the text must appear in the list of References. Use the following reference styles (present journal titles in full):
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