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The OSME Region: birds of the deep-ocean

The OSME region has its fair share of thinly-inhabited areas where knowledge of breeding distribution and how birds use such areas is poor to non-existent, primarily because of low observer density and lack of regular observation and monitoring. Yet in principle, designing research programmes to put right this deficit is straightforward. At sea, it’s a very different matter.

The easier part of developing knowledge of seabirds concerns the coastal waters of mainland and islands, but given that the breeding areas of Jouanin’s Petrel 

Illegal Bird Killing in the OSME region - Horror and hope, a review of the OSME Summer Meeting (Part 1)

OSME held its annual Summer Meeting on 4 July at the BTO Headquarters in Thetford. The theme of the day was illegal bird killing in the OSME region. Five excellent speakers gave a range of talks covering monitoring, data collection, education and awareness-raising around this intractable issue. Nick Moran did a great job chairing the day at short notice due to the unexpected absence of OSME Chairman, Rob Sheldon.

The first speaker of the day was the BTO Director, Andy Clements, who gave an insightful overview of the value of monitoring and how the resulting 

Acacia clearance on Cape Pyla combats illegal bird trapping

 Taking the rug from under their feet: before and after Acacia clearance on Cape Pyla.

Like a number of areas in Cyprus, particularly in the south and southeast, Dhekelia or the Eastern Sovereign Base Area (ESBA) has a very serious problem with illegal bird trapping. In their autumn 2014 report on trapping activity, BirdLife Cyprus estimated that the approximate number of individual birds killed in the ESBA last autumn was in the high hundreds of thousands.


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