Trip Report for Egypt

El Gouna

8 to 14 November 2003

This report is based on a one week holiday to El Gouna, near Hurghada on the Red Sea, principally to go scuba diving around the Hurghada Archipelago. The observations are based on :-

· An hour or so most mornings around the golf course

· A daily boat trip to the offshore islands and reefs

· On the last day a more exhaustive exploration around the golf course, the tidal creek by the marina, the oasis to the west of the main road, the fish farm and the industrial area

Generally the tidal creek and the golf course appeared to be the best habitats. The Oasis produced the only Rock Martin and Desert Lark of the trip but is probably better during migration periods. The only Morning Wheatear was found at the back of the Ready Mix Plant so anywhere is worth a look.

Systematic List

Brown Booby
1 on 9th, 2 on 11th, 1 on 12th – all offshore

4 on 12th, 11 on 14th

Cattle Egret
10 on 14th

Reef Egret
1 or 2 most days

Grey Heron
2 on 12th, 5 on 14th

20 in flight on 14th

1 or 2 most days but 6 on Umm Gamar Island on 11th

1 or 2 most days

Ringed Plover
7 on 10th, 11 on 14th

Kentish Plover
7 on 10th, 15 on 14th

Grey Plover
1 on 10th, 5 on 14th

Spur Winged Lapwing
1 on 14th

1 on 14th

1 on 10th, 3 on 14th

2 on 14th

3 to 13 every day

Slender-billed Gull
4 on 10th, 1 on 11th, 1 on 12th, 9 on 13th, 84 on 14th

White-eyed Gull 1 on 9th, 1 on 11th, 13 on 12th, 43 on 13th

Caspian Tern
3 to 12 every day

Greater Crested Tern
2 on 9th, 2 on 11th – all offshore

White-cheeked Tern
25 on 12th, 10/100 most days probably this species – all offshore

Laughing Dove
Common in resort

1 on 12th, 1 on 14th

Pied Kingfisher
1 on 11th, 2 on 14th

Desert Lark
2 on 14th behind Oasis

Sand Martin
4 on 12th

Rock Martin
1 on 14th at Oasis

Red-throated Pipit
1 to 4 most days

White Wagtail

1 or 2 most days

Desert Wheatear
1 on 10th, 1 on 11th

Mourning Wheatear
1 on 14th at Ready Mix Plant

2 on 9th, 1 on 12th

Sardinian Warbler
Fairly common


Hooded Crow
2 to 5 most days

Brown-necked Raven
1 on 12th