Egypt: September 27 – October 6, 2011 to the southern Red Sea Coast:

Robert Dannenberg, Hamburg & Manfred Fleischer, Reinbek are just back from a trip (September 27 till October 6, 2011) to the southern Red Sea Coast. We stayed at the Shams Alam Resort Hotel (SARH) at the northern boundary of Wadi el Gemal National Park.

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We visited the following birdwatching locations:
Wadi el Gemal (WG) 4x;
Hamata Mangrove (HM) 2x;
Qu’laan Islands (QI) 1x, a tourist boat visited 4 islands on a snorkeling trip – it is not allowed any more to land on the islands;
Wadi Lahami Mangrove (WLM) 1x;
Lahami Bay Hotel (LBH) 1x;
Bir Shalatayn (BS) 1x, close to the border of Sudan.

Here a few significant records:
Goliath Heron: 1 HM and 1 WLM;
Purple Heron: 70 WG in 1 flock;
Squacco Heron: 26 SARH in 1 flock;
Egyptian Vulture: 11 BS all ad;
Lappet-faced Vulture: 20 BS;
Sooty Falcon: daily single birds, 15 and 4 QI on 2 different islands;
Barbary Falcon: 2 SARH seen several times;
White-tailed Lapwing: 2 SARH;
Crab Plover: 110 HM on a high-tide roost place, 1 LBH;
Terek Sandpiper: 3 HM;
Bridled Tern: 600 QI only on 1 island;
White-cheeked Tern: 440 QI and 320 LBH on the beach
Spotted Sandgrouse: 40 BS;
African Collared-Dove: 3 WG and 3 SARH often seen;
Cretzschmar’s Bunting: 1 SARH