32nd Annual General Meeting

Copies of the Minutes of the 31st AGM and the Accounts for 2009 will be available at the meeting. If you would like copies in advance please write to the Secretary, OSME, c/o The Lodge, SANDY, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DL, UK or e-mail:secretary@osme.org


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the 31st Annual General Meeting (July 2009)
  3. Matters arising
  4. Presentation and adoption of the Accounts for 2009
  5. Appointment of accounts examiner for 2010
  6. Election of Officers

Vice-Presidents (10 year term)

The following are continuing in office:
Imad Atrash (2012); Dr Ghassan Ramadan-Jaradi (2012); Mrs Mona Ramadan-Jaradi (2012); Ramaz Gokhelashvili (2016); Sherif Baha el Din (2016); Ali bin Amer Al Kiyumi (2016); Dan Alon (2017); Dr Akram Eissa Darwish (2017); Ali Adhami Mirhosseyni (2018); Sergey Sklyarenko (2018). Azzam Alwash (2019)

Nomination: Melis Charalambides (Cyprus)

Council Members (Trustees elected for a 5 year term)

The following are continuing in office:
Geoff Welch (Chairman, 2012); Ian Harrison (Secretary, 2013); Robert Sheldon (2014); Mike Blair (ORL List master) (2013); Guy Kirwan (Librarian) (2012); Richard Bonser (2012); Chris Lamsdell (Advertising) (2011); Richard Prior (Publicity) (2011);

Sharif Al Jabour and Colin Richardson will be ending their term of office at this year’s AGM.

Currently Co-opted Council Members (appointed by the elected Council)

John Warr (Treasurer & Membership); Effie Warr (Sales & Distribution); Peter Cowan (Editor, Sandgrouse); AbdulRahman Al Sirhan (Website Manager)

Council Members (for 5 years): Nick Moran.

Further nominations should be sent to the Secretary (e-mail: secretary@osme.org) to arrive as soon as possible. Council would be pleased to welcome any members who can assist with maintaining OSME as one of the premier regional bird clubs.

  1. Vote on the adoption of Revised Constitution.
  2. Any other business.

OSME is a registered charity (no. 282938)

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