Minutes of the 33rd Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 16th July 2011 at the premises of the British Trust for Ornithology, Thetford, Norfolk, UK

Members Present –. Dawn Balmer, John Bartley, Pat Bartley, Colin Bates, Christine Booth, Phil Cannings, Mick Carroll, Sal Cooke, Elaine Cowan, Peter Cowan, Helen Demopoulos, Jeff Gordon, Andrew Grieve, Ian Harrison, Phil Heath, Mike Jennings, Guy Kirwan, Chris Lamsdell, Andrew Lassey, David Marshall, Rod Martins, Brian Meadows, Nick Moran, Frank O’Connell, Richard Pavy, Doug Radford, Geoff Randall, Mike Reed, Colin Richardson, Andrew Schofield, Joyce Snoxell, Maldwyn Snoxell, Effie Warr, John Warr, Geoff Welch.

  1. Apologies for absence were received from: AbdulRahman Al Sirhan, Simon Aspinall, Keith Betton, Mike Blair, Melis Charalambides, David Fisher, Mick Green, Peter Hellyer, Brendan Kavanagh, Denise Lamsdell, David Murdoch, Richard Porter, Richard Prior, Rob Sheldon, Hilary Welch.
  2. Minutes of the 32nd Annual General Meeting held on 10th July 2010.

Individual copies of these had been made available to those members attending. Acceptance was proposed by Jeff Gordon, seconded by Sal Cooke and accepted unanimously. Geoff Welch, Chairman, signed them as a true record of the Meeting.

  • Matters arising .

In response to a query about the possible merger of Sandgrouse and Phoenix, the Chairman advised the Meeting that although discussions had taken place, the two publications will remain separate for the time being. He added that while there was some overlap in the geographical areas covered, the area covered by Sandgrouse was in fact much larger and that there should therefore be little competition between the two.

  • Presentation and adoption of the Accounts for 2010.

A leaflet with the summarised accounts for 2010 was distributed at the meeting and the contents, with additional detail, were described in a graphical presentation. The Treasurer summarised by stating that activities during the year had resulted in a healthy financial position and in fund balances well above the Reserve Fund target of £12,000.
In response to a question from the floor, the Treasurer explained that there was no problem with having high fund balances provided they were satisfactorily explained in the balance sheet and as long as the OSME Trustees can demonstrate that funds are not being accumulated.
Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Mick Carroll, seconded by David Marshall and carried unanimously.

  • Appointment of Accounts Examiner for 2011.

The Treasurer explained that Mike Jennings had expressed his willingness to act as Accounts Examiner for 2011. His appointment was proposed by Pat Bartley, seconded by Rod Martins and carried unanimously.

  • Election of officers:

Vice-Presidents: Geoff Welch advised the Meeting that the current Vice-Presidents were continuing in office.

Council Members: As noted in the Agenda, two Members retire this year: Chris Lamsdell and Richard Prior. The Chairman further noted that one Member, Richard Bonser, had had to resign because of pressure of work. The Chairman thanked these Council Members for their helpful contributions during their term of office. He noted that Helen Demopoulos had been co-opted at the 120th Council Meeting held on 5 February, 2011.

Council Members remaining (Trustees elected for a 5 year term): Geoff Welch (Chairman, 2012); Ian Harrison (Secretary, 2013); Mike Blair (2013); Guy Kirwan (2012); Robert Sheldon (2014); Nick Moran (2015).
There was one nomination for Council Membership – Helen Demopoulos.
This nomination was proposed by Mick Carroll, seconded by Mike Jennings and carried unanimously.

  • Any other business.
    In response to a suggestion that rather than having to buy raffle tickets, some members might prefer the option of making a donation, gift-aided where possible, the Chairman stated that the Council would discuss this at a Council Meeting when the issue of a raffle in 2012 is on the Agenda.
    There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 14.09.

NOTE – these Minutes will be presented for approval at the 2012 AGM.

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