Batumi Raptor Count need volunteer counters

Batumi in Georgia is one of the most impressive raptor migration bottlenecks in the world, with more than 1 million birds of prey passing overhead on their way south each autumn.

And Batumi Raptor Count is a global leader in monitoring migrating birds of prey. Since 2008, each autumn, volunteers have co-ordinated and counted millions of buzzards, kites, eagles, harriers and falcons. The counts are standardised and continue to provide excellent scientific data to monitor population trends. The work also greatly contributes to conservation efforts in the local area, especially with regards to tackling illegal hunting, as well as providing eco-tourism opportunities for the villagers in which the count staff are based.

Each year Batumi Raptor Count rely on volunteer counters, and the call is now out for people to join the count in autumn 2024.

There are opportunities to join as a co-ordinator or as a counter.

Visit the Batumi Raptor Count website for a wealth of information about their work. Sign up as a volunteer, you won’t regret it!

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