Experts reach agreements on mainstreaming migratory soaring birds’ conservation into the hunting sector in the Rift Valley/Red Sea region

BirdLife International and its Partners concluded a productive three day regional workshop which brought together representatives from governments and NGOs on mainstreaming the conservation of migratory soaring birds (MSBs) into the hunting sector along the Rift Valley / Red Sea flyway.

Major achievements accomplished include a Regional Declaration on hunting, guidelines for mainstreaming MSBs considerations into the hunting sector and a five year Regional Action Plan.

The guidelines as well as the regional action plan agreed upon by the participants will show the way forward to achieve mainstreaming of MSBs considerations into the hunting sector along the Rift Valley/Red Sea flyway.

This regional workshop, held in cooperation with SPNL (BirdLife in Lebanon) is part of the BirdLife International / UNDP-GEF Migratory Soaring Birds project.

The Rift Valley/Red Sea flyway is the second most important flyway for migratory soaring birds (raptors, storks, pelicans and some ibis) in the world, with 37 different soaring bird species, including five globally threatened species. The Migratory Soaring Birds project aims to mainstream migratory soaring bird considerations into the productive sectors along the flyway that pose the greatest risk to the safe migration of these birds – principally hunting, energy, agriculture and waste management – while promoting activities in sectors which could benefit from these birds, such as ecotourism.

Issued by: BirdLife International, Migratory Soaring Birds Project.

For further information please contact:

Julien Jreissati – Communication Officer – Migratory Soaring Birds Project.
Phone Number: +962 6 5532212

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