Migratory Soaring Project: New Regional Flyway Facility staff in the BirdLife International Amman Office, Jordan (September 2011)

Ibrahim Khader, Regional Director, BirdLife International, Middle East Division has informed OSME of new appointments in the Migratory Soaring Project. Two new members are joining the Regional Flyway Facility (RFF) team in the Amman office. Mr. Osama Al-Nouri is appointed as the Regional Project Manager (RFF Coordinator) – he previously worked for the Syrian Society for the Conservation of Wildlife, the Birdlife affiliate in Syria. The second new appointment is Mr. Julien Jreissati who will act as the Project Communication Officer. Mr. Jreissati has previously volunteered and worked with our BirdLife partner in Lebanon. Contact Ibrahim Khader for further details of the project – Ibrahim.Khader(AT)birdlife.org

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