Northern Bald Ibis Update

Chris Bowden, International Species Recovery Officer & SAVE Programme Manager, RSPB, reports the following good news:

We’ve just heard from the team in Syria that all three adults, Odeinat, Salama and Zenobia, returned safely back from migration on the Syrian breeding grounds on 2nd March. This is particularly pleasing since Salama had not transmitted since late last year, but this now seems to simply be tag failure rather than anything worse. Still no sign of the other two untagged birds that were seen on the Ethiopian wintering grounds last month so where those birds go is fast becoming a source of speculation. Or perhaps they will appear at Palmyra one of these days? Of course we all hope that the current troubles in Syria are soon resolved, and wish our colleagues there a successful and safe season.

Also, do check the Moroccan tagging process:

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