Latest issue of Sandgrouse: free to download

Given the current extraordinary circumstances which have seen millions of people around the world confined to their homes, OSME has decided to make a pdf version of the Spring 2020 issue of Sandgrouse free for anyone to view, in the hope that it offers some respite to the many birdwatchers and ornithologists who are interested in the region’s birds but are currently unable to go and see them.

We’ve made the file size as small as possible and it can be downloaded as a pdf:

7Mb version

15Mb version

OSME Council hope that you enjoy reading the diverse contents which include articles on species such as Dalmatian Pelican, Steppe Eagle and Black-throated Thrush, and from a broad range of countries across the OSME region.

OSME members can also access a high quality, fully functional digital version of the latest issue by emailing

Enjoy Sandgrouse, and above all, stay safe

2 Responses

  1. Keramat Hafezi says:

    Thank you very much

  2. It was through a link of the Jordanian site of the ornithologist, Dr. Khoury Fares, that I came accros Osme and that I had the chance – at least there are some positive sights to the Corona virus crisis – to have a free-look on your publication Sandgrouse. The opportunity stimulated my curiosity. I am far away of being a bird specialist, I am even rather a big zero in recognizing birds. Just that I love them, like any other animal. I am always very impressed to realize how many people, all around the world, are devoting their lives, studying, educating, writing articles, fighting on all levels, to try to save animal-life, and this in entire anonymity for the rest of the world. The article about the Dalmatian Pelicans made me realize how difficult it can be for the ornithologists to get an entire view of the journey of the birds, sometimes just because scientific articles are not always written by English speaking ornithologists and unfortunately their very specialized articles never found a translator. I read about the very rich pro-bird-life of those who worked for Osme and past away, after having contributed at their utmost best for the conservation and survival of bird life. Not only interesting but touching too. When you see the beauty of the birds, how wonderfully they can sing, you wonder how benighted people can kill millions of them in no-time, unscrupulously ? Congratulations for publishing all these informations. Wish you all the best !

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