OSME is now on YouTube

We have recently set up a YouTube channel to enable us to post video content that is relevant to the work of OSME and the birds of our wonderful region.

The first video to be posted is one of the 1985 expedition to Yemen. The two-month expedition to Yemen was the first of two organised by OSME. The results, chronicled in a special edition of Sandgrouse, led to many ornithological and conservation actions. Amongst these was the identification of 57 IBAs catalogued in Important Bird Areas in the Middle East, support for a Yemen wildlife movement, a book in Arabic for children, Birds of Yemen, a major input into the Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Arabia, as well as providing information on status for Birds of the Middle East.   

Richard Porter, one of the expedition members, arranged for the video to be digitised and shown at the OSME 50th Anniversary Summer Meeting in 2018. Richard had this to say when hearing about the video being posted to YouTube: “As someone who has grown to love Yemen, its wonderful people and wildlife heritage I am so pleased that this film can be shared. Thirty five years ago Yemen was a happier country and I know the whole world hopes that its present troubles and conflicts will soon be a thing of the past and its people will enjoy the bright future they so deserve. May it again live up to its name: Arabia Felix – Happy Arabia.”

You can view the 1985 OSME expedition to Yemen video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jpvfKjrcGA

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch out for more videos coming soon https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjEtHgONvajoB5JVCd9apnw

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