OSME has received news that Arend Wassink, author of The Birds of Kazakhstan, 2007, has developed a new website

If you wish to contact Arend, please visit his website or email him at a.wassink(AT)texel.com

Arend writes:

The site will be updated continuously with new data from literature, scientific reports, trip reports etc. and additional photographs and sound recordings will be added.

I wish to thank everybody who contributed to the site and invite everyone with an interest in the birds of Kazakhstan to do so. Therefore, I welcome all new data, good quality sound recordings (in mp3 format) and photographs of birds, landscapes and habitats (preferably unedited and in the best possible resolution) taken in Kazakhstan. Of course, full reference will be made and the copyright always remains with the contributor. If you know of or have a mystery photograph from Kazakhstan or wish to discuss the identity of a certain bird (species), please do not hesitate to contact me (see Contact on the site). It might be a topic for ID issues (ID issues on the site following soon).

If you wish to comment on the website, want to point out mistakes or omissions, or have suggestions to improve the site, feel free to contact me as well.

I hope the site will generate more interest in the birds of Kazakhstan and with that contributes to the protection of Kazakhstan’s birdlife. It might also be of help in preparing your birding trip to this fascinating and beautiful country.

Arend Wassink
Postweg 64
1795 JR De Cocksdorp
the Netherlands

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