Sandgrouse 34 2

Sandgrouse is published by OSME and contains papers and short notes on the ornithology of the OSME region, provides bird and conservation news from the region and a comprehensive round up of bird sightings in the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Sandgrouse Volume 34 (2) Autumn 2012

Sandgrouse Cover 34 (2)

Cover photo: Spur-winged Lapwing Vanellus spinosus, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, April 2008. © AJ Drummond-Hill

114A proposed Important Bird Area and Internationally Important Wetland: Meyghan wetland, west-central Iran.
 Mohammad Tohidifar & Mohammad Kaboli
127Nesting parameters of Turtle Doves Streptopelia turtur arenicola breeding in Bahrain.
 Brendan Kavanagh & Abdulla Al Kaabi
132Roosting behaviour of a Hume’s Warbler Phylloscopus humei in Oman.
 Kolbjørn Schjølberg
135First record of Long-tailed Skua Stercorarius longicaudus in Iraq.
 R Williams
137Akpetky lakes, Sarykamysh lake, Ayakaghytma lake, and their desert surrounds: three new Important Bird Areas in Uzbekistan.
 Anna Ten, Roman Kashkarov, Gulara Matekova, Ilia Zholdasova & Mukhtor Turaev
148Great Bustard Otis tarda in Turkey: adult female with three chicks at forest edge in Kars province.
 Esra Per, M Ufuk Özbek, M Erkan Uzunhisarcikli & Bilgehan Bilgili
151Masked Shrike Lanius nubicus consumes a Graceful Warbler Prinia gracilis at migration stopover site in southern Israel.
 Kamen P Ruskov
152Birding Sites of the OSME Region 8—The birds of the lower Syrian Euphrates.
 DA Murdoch & AH Aidek
177From the Rarities Committees.
178Letter to the Editor: Bird hunting in Lebanon.
183OSME News.
 Geoff Welch
185News & Information.
 Dawn Balmer (compiler)
189Around the Region.
 Ian Harrison & Andrew Grieve (compilers)
Editor:Dr Peter Cowan OSME Editor, Department of Biological Sciences and Chemistry, University of Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman
Editorial AdvisorsVasil Ananian, Paul Goriup, Mike Jennings, Dr Fares Khoury, Guy Kirwan, Dr Stephen Newton, Arend Wassink
Photographic EditorPaul Doherty
Reviews EditorGuy Kirwan
Identification ConsultantsArnoud van den Berg, Chris Bradshaw, Andrew Lassey, Richard Porter