Supplement 2

Sandgrouse Supplement 2 (2008)

Murdoch, DA & KF Betton. 2008. A checklist of the birds of Syria. Sandgrouse Supplement 2: 1–48.

Sandgrouse Supplement 2 (2008)

Cover photo: Salam, a Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita, caught on 1 June 2006 near the breeding site in the mountains northwest of Palmyra and fitted with a solar transmitter. She lost her mate in the winter of 2006–2007 but paired with a new bird in 2007 and was paired again in 2008. Her transmitter is still working and has provided priceless information on the feeding sites of the Syrian population of Northern Bald Ibis and its migration route to the Ethiopian highlands. Photo June 2006. © MS Abdallah.

03The Syrian list.
04Future developments: data collection, survey and conservation priorities.
05Species Checklist.
16Species notes. 1. Red Data Book (RDB) species.
252. New species for the Syrian list (N in Species Checklist).
303. New breeding species since BOS, excluding RDB or species new to Syria (B in Species Checklist).
364. Significant change in Syrian status (S in Species Checklist).
415. No recent reports.
426. Incomplete reports of species not previously recorded from Syria.
437. Species not yet reported from Syria.
46Appendix 1. Gazetteer of sites mentioned in text, arranged by province.

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