Cyprus bird records: request for information

Peter Flint & Colin Richardson are preparing the third edition of The Birds of Cyprus (further details on ResearchGate). It will be a comprehensive and completely revised avifauna of the whole island of Cyprus to be published within the BOC (formerly BOU) checklist series. In the 30 years since the second edition (Flint & Stewart 1992) the island has undergone extensive climate and habitat change resulting in many changes to its breeding bird populations; many new species have also been added to the Cyprus list during that time. In researching the new edition, we have traced several records of breeding and rarities which had not been published before and these will be passed to the Cyprus Rare Birds Committee and the island’s bird societies. If any readers have such records, we would be very grateful for details of them. Lists of the species we are particularly interested in are below, though they are not exclusive. All contributions will be acknowledged and those records published will be credited to the observer. 

Lesser White-fronted GooseArctic TernDusky Warbler
Bewick’s SwanPomarine SkuaGreen Warbler
Whooper SwanDiver sp. (all)Hume’s Leaf Warbler
Egyptian GoosePetrel sp. (all)Basra Reed Warbler
Common Scoter Striated HeronPaddyfield Warbler
Velvet ScoterDalmatian PelicanBlyth’s Reed Warbler
Common GoldeneyeLammergeierCommon Grasshopper Warbler
SmewCinereous VultureRiver Warbler
GoosanderEastern Imperial EagleAfrican Desert Warbler
Bustard sp. (all)Crested Honey BuzzardMénétries’s Warbler
Diederik CuckooBateleurMountain Chiffchaff
Pin-tailed SandgrouseGreater Spotted EagleFirecrest
Oriental Turtle DoveRed KiteNaumann’s Thrush
Grey-headed SwamphenWhite-tailed EagleDusky Thrush
Allen’s GallinuleRough-legged BuzzardWhite-winged Snowfinch
Red-necked GrebeAmur FalconBlyth’s Pipit
Horned GrebeSooty FalconLong-billed Pipit
Lesser FlamingoLanner FalconBuff-bellied Pipit
Sociable LapwingChough sp. (all)Dead Sea Sparrow
Kittlitz’s PloverBrown-necked RavenEurasian Bullfinch
Baird’s SandpiperBohemian WaxwingEurasian Crimson-winged Finch
Pectoral SandpiperHypocoliusCommon Rosefinch
Red PhalaropeBlue TitDesert Finch
Oriental PratincoleBar-tailed LarkCommon Redpoll
Franklin’s GullHorned LarkRed-fronted Serin
White-eyed GullTemminck’s Lark,Little Bunting
Great Black-backed Gull(African) Dunn’s LarkRustic Bunting
European Herring GullArabian LarkYellow-breasted Bunting  
GadwallGrey HeronEurasian Penduline Tit
Little SwiftEurasian SparrowhawkEurasian Skylark
Common CuckooPied KingfisherGreat Reed Warbler
Black-bellied SandgrouseEurasian WryneckEurasian Blackcap
Black-necked GrebeRed-backed ShrikeSong Thrush
Collared PratincoleEurasian Golden OrioleWhite Wagtail

If you can provide us with any new data on the above, please contact us at

Thank you very much for your help.

Peter Flint & Colin Richardson

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