New Publication! A Guide to 200 Common birds of Lebanon

OSME is pleased to announce the recent publication on the common birds of Lebanon. Written by former OSME council member Richard Prior and published by SPNL (Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (www.spnl.org)), this new guide is in English and Arabic and has the primary objective of stimulating an interest in birds among young people, birding beginners, Lebanese families and tourists, thereby fostering a healthier attitude towards the country’s environment and an awareness of

Sustainable Hunting Conference in Lebanon

Guest blog by James Hogg

I am sure anyone reading this knows that the hunting of birds in Lebanon as with elsewhere in the Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa is a serious problem. Birdlife International in their report “The Killing” estimated that 2.6m birds are killed here every year. Migratory species seem to be especially targeted, and every year on social media we see numerous pictures of dead raptors, storks, pelicans and many others. Awareness of the problems around bird hunting in Lebanon is growing amongst the general population.