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The landscape at Naryn - Saker Falcon breeding habitat. © Maxim Koshkin.

Saving the Saker in Kyrgyzstan

My birding journey started a year ago when our Fauna & Flora International (FFI) team launched a pilot project on the Saker Falcon Falco cherrug in Kyrgyzstan.

BirdLife Cyprus’s first ever nature reserve

BirdLife Cyprus’s first ever nature reserve

As far as bird trapping is concerned, our physical presence in Famagusta district mainly revolves around two things: monitoring trapping levels or raising awareness and bringing children closer to the world of birds through our school visits.

Egyptian Vulture Neophron percnopterus

Vulture News from the Middle East

The following short vulture updates from across the Middle East are reproduced with the permission of the IUCN Vulture Specialist Group. They are taken from the Vulture Specialist Group newsletter (issue 11). If you are interested in...

Sandgrouse now available as a Digital Edition

We’re delighted that after a period of significant trials we can now offer a digital edition of Sandgrouse free to all our members. It was enthusiastically welcomed at its Rutland Birdfair launch with many members requesting access....

A lady birder in Egypt

Guest blog by Basma Sheta I am Basma Sheta, from Damietta on the north coast of Egypt. I have a PhD in Zoology, specializing in bird ecology. The study of birds was one of the most beautiful...

Volunteering In Lebanon

A guest blog by Valentine Moser from Switzerland This autumn I spent two weeks volunteering in Lebanon in support of the project RaptorCountLebanon2019.  Watching from our viewing platform overlooking Beirut and the Mediterranean Sea was a great experience! I...